This video was created during the 2021 NFL Draft and was designed to mimic NBA Top Shot's creative look. The 'pack' unveiled is the Las Vegas Raiders' 2021 draft class complete with their college stats and highlights, similar to the real Top Shots. 

Created to celebrate Derek Carr's 30th birthday.

Video series created to count down the days until the 2021 NFL season kickoff using popular players and highlights.

Social media graphic used to show the Mountain West's 11 teams playing in the Men's Basketball conference championship.

Used to announce the opening day of college football season. 

A how-to graphic explaining how to add the donation sticker to an Instagram Story to help support the CFP's Extra Yard for Teachers. 

A how-to graphic showing how to utilize and explore the CFP Instagram Story stickers.

Gif announcing 150 days until the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championhsip.

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